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The third set maintains the balance of the body and mind and the spiritual level. Crystal Therapy & Reiki healing work in synergy to aid our body in re-balancing and to optimize our natural healing ability. Lead the Change Contact Us. We can connect in person, via Skype, phone or by email. They typically include challenges to existing medical/scientific knowledge and practice. I AM HERE TO BE FULLY PRESENT WITH YOU. your own body. The ACSBs mission is to support its members by offering continuing education programs, by facilitating innovation and creativity, and by building bridges between this profession and other somatic and therapeutic professions. This includes continuing to foster our relationships with other professional organizations in the health and wellness field. We are one of the few personal trainers that will not have you track your calories, prescribe excessive cardio, or have . I am glad we crossed paths. 21 Cottonwood Rd, Plaistow, NH, 03865, USA, 21 Cottonwood Rd, 21 Cottonwood Rd, Plaistow, NH, 03865, USA, NIKKI STEARNS INTEGRATIVE EMBODIMENT COACHING, NIKKI KELLENYI FOUNDATION - PEOPLE AGAINST DISTRACTIVE DRIVING A NJ NONPROFIT CORPORATION. Plant medicines have been fundamental in my healing. Have you been itching to get into the mix and make a difference? NIKKI STEARNS INTEGRATIVE EMBODIMENT COACHING was registered on Jan 04 2019 as a trade name type with the address 21 Cottonwood Rd, Plaistow, NH, 03865, USA . Instructor: Dr. Justin Ternes Best For: Real world application of breathwork in a client setting. Someone who has a passion for issues that face Sexological Bodyworkers. Slip beneath the rush of daily doing to nurture and nourish the embodied and emergent intelligence and wisdom of your biology, body, breathe, and being so you can experience a greater sense of inner balance, ease, clarity, vitality, and wellbeing from the inside out. Integrative Somatic Therapy and Coaching Where All of You Matters ~ Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit Discover Meet Dr. Anya Dr. Anya supports others in alchemizing challenging life experiences into meaning and purpose allowing for intuitive insights, personal and spiritual growth, confidence and trust, self-acceptance and comfort. We acknowledge and celebrate diversity in bodies, gender, culture, experience, and age. I Sat with mentally ill & suicidal patients for 12 hours at a time. As I deepened my personal work and client work over the years it became clear to me that the deep healing occurs in the body, not the mind or through talk therapy. The intelligence is present in our bodies but is not of the body. Understanding complexity theory can inform the integrative leader and the avenue by which they may develop a strategy for a system or organization to embody integrative health. Let's Connect over a Video Meet and Greet (free) to discover what offerings are best for you. Public and Professional Programs Currently Registering, Integrative Yoga for Seniors Professional Training, Leadership Program in Health and Well-Being at Duke University, Deepen Your Sense of Connection and Belonging Through Mindfulness, For Those Who Hurt: Managing Chronic Pain, Mindfulness Based Relationship Enhancement, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Distance Learning, Nourish: Fundamentals of Medical Weight Management, Nurturing Mindfulness and Self-Care in the Time of COVID-19, Social Media Presence and Marketing for Coaches, Tapping into Health: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for Self-Healing, Duke Health & Well-Being Coach Training Overview, About the Duke Health & Well-Being Coach Training, Find a Certified Health & Well-Being Coach, Emeralds of Oz: Activate the Wisdom from The Wizard of Oz and Improve Your Life, Leadership Program in Integrative Healthcare at Duke University, Leadership Program in Health and Well-Being, About Duke Health & Well-Being Coach Training. Harvard Business Press. We may define the elements of Integrative Leadership in the following way: Integrative: Serving or intending to unify separate things Newbies to the profession and organization are always welcome! Our shared physical experience is the epidemic of chronic health conditions that is impacting individuals, generations, our economy, and our future. We acknowledge the whiteness in the field of Sexological Bodywork and actively participate in creating structures that actively invite and raise-up the voices of more marginalized individuals and groups whose people have shaped the somatic practices these trainings have come directly out of. The first set helps to prepare the body and get used with the energy work. It is an honor to guide others through intimate healing work and activations that support in expanding capacity to hold and channel even more Divine Sovereign Light.There is a movement of women claiming to live fully in their mission and purpose.Have you heard the call?I spent many years immersed in Women's Circles and Ceremonies with wise elders and teachers from around the world. My work expanded to bring deep activations to women who desired to be compensated for their gifts and the way they show up in service to the world. Receive Musings, Offerings, Reflections, Shares, Inspirations, and Updates, no more than twice a month. The partners supported this academic year (2020-2021) are Foundations for Early Childhood Education . Through combining the orientation of Western somatic therapy with Eastern meditational practices, Embodiment Training leads you to the discovery of your natural, embodied state. Nikki is an Integrative Embodiment Coach and Spiritual Mentor. Viewing an organization with the same holistic principle of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts provides context to the transformative action the integrative leader needs to embody. Before you leave, I would like to invite you to feel the parts of your body that may be touching a surface, perhaps your sits bones on the chair, your feet firmly planted on the ground, your head on a pillow.and take a deep breath. I got to delve into the deeply rooted emotions and feelings of those individuals, and knew that getting dosed with pharmaceuticals werent helping them. BodyMind Coaching and Bodywork 100 MINS $250 This combination service gives you a taste of what BodyMind Coaching is so you can decide if a 3-month program is right for you. Know Your Body . No . We have been embodying a social ill; it is time to embody wholeness. You are not here merely to survive and get by.You are innately designed and inclined to flourish and thrive.Begin your journey within to embody and empower your vitality, authenticity, and wellbeing so you can live more deeply, fully, and freely in your body, being, and blossoming potential - in this season of life & beyond. If we accept the notion that Integrative Health is an embodied health movement with a shared consciousness and shared physical experience that impassions people to transform not only themselves but also society then we, as Integrative Leaders, must Be that embodiment. Being fully embodied is a daily practice of coming into our physical forms with greater awareness, consciousness, and communication with our bodies. Sociology of health & illness, 26(1), 50-80. Are you interested? Integrative Embodiment Coaching Name * First Name Last Name Gender/Preferred Pronouns * Address Street Address Street Address Line 2 City State / Province Postal / Zip Code Country Phone Number * - Area Code Phone Number E-mail * Date of Birth - Month - Day Year Age Do you know your Human Design type? Give us a call at (310) 713-6739 today, to learn more about our treatment or RITTM workshops. At Embodied Movement Training Systems we do things a little differently. An embodiment coach will help you to develop a deeper sense of embodiment and bring mindfulness to your body's sensations. Washington, DC, Falls Church, VA, DMV Nick is an integrative embodiment coach in private practice specializing in individual, family and inherited trauma, embodiment, applied neuroscience and energy work. B.A.E. The business status is Active now. Let's chat about your wellness goals and current health/nutrition status. Not everyone holds the inner state of true leadership. Fill out an application form for a FREE 30 minute discovery call. sign up for my email listto receive info & invites for upcoming classes, gatherings, coaching openings, and retreats, Thanks for joining our blossoming community, I look forward to connecting with you!~ Gillian. It uses a . I am passionate about eliminating patterns of martyrdom and servitude to embrace a life of overflowing abundance for all. It's the kind of medicine that will shake y . He states, we know a great deal about what leaders do and how they do it. Integrative Tools for Leaders and Coaches THE WORLD IS ASKING FOR OUR BEST. . They connect with an inner source that contains insight to self, and the whole. Embodied health movements have three unique components1: Our shared consciousness is the collective awareness that our sick care system is not wholly equipped to meet the health needs of society. Cost: $2450 (level 1) $4250 (level 1 & 2) - payment plans at $450 / month. Integrative leaders see the whole and the parts, and have knowingness about what it all means and a vision by which to move forward. Launched 12 days ago. The Reiki sessions helps to release blockages and balance the body and mind. The Integrative Leader personifies this capacity. Best for the Nutrition-Focused: Precision Nutrition Level 1. (2009). Bloom Embodied Wellbeing, LLCPrivacy Policy| Terms of Service| Contact Asheville, North Carolina. In todays environment followers are less willing to give their power away to someone else and more likely to engage in a mutually respectful relationship with someone who envelops a vision of wholeness, and an ability to draw out the gifts of those who align with them to achieve extra-ordinary results. I am always finding new ways to connect with my passions. You might ask yourself the following questions to determine where you are in relationship to emotional intelligence: If you cannot answer these questions or the answer falls toward the more negative response side it is time to invest in a new way of being; that is if you desire to be an effective Integrative Leader. Perhaps the most profound evidence that you have made an impact is when others have been empowered to be the change. Integrative Embodiment Coaching with Nikki Ananda April 21 at 1:50 PM My medicine is strong. This is where we move beyond and into the next layer of consciousness and deepen our experience of life.To experience more love we must be willing to face our fears.To experience more joy we must be willing to embrace loss and grief.To experience more pleasure we must be willing to feel more pain. Whether society moves in the direction of wholeness or fragmentation and disease will be determined by the wholeness of those who lead. Best for a Deep Dive at a University: Duke Health and Well-Being Coach Training. Through the healing of my own sexual trauma I was brought to a path of Sacred Sexuality and learning to access altered states of consciousness and expanded sensual awakening through kundalini energy. Relationship is the key to the embodiment of wholeness and the transformation of our environment. View Tracey Dean - Integrative Therapist. Do I engender respect or fear? COMPLEXITY AND SYSTEM CHANGE: EMBODYING THE ROLE OF TRANSFORMER. Nikki Stearns Integrative Embodiment Coaching has been operating for 4 years 3 months, and 11 days since it registered. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. I offer reset/cleanse type programs as well as customized individual nutrition and wellness services and guidance. Embodying light to create new pathways of pleasure, abundance, and ease.Masculine and Feminine: Our Masculine is our pure consciousness, the unchanging parts of self. Provided By: Aura Institute Course Structure & Duration: 40 hours of breathwork between their level 1 & 2 trainings. Being integrative in this practice is to bring back and call in the parts of ourselves that have become fragmented as we've journeyed through life. Followers today are looking to leaders who they believe have the capacity to create the space and energy for an emerging possibility. Dedicated to intensive programs, apprenticeships, and commitments to my own healing journey I have integrated many teachings from various mentors and lineages that have become foundational to my daily practice and way of being. We are in a time where we are called to claim our Wholeness. What you imagine, you create. -Buddha, A Comfort Zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.- John Assaraf, She never felt ready but she was brave and the Universe responds to brave.-Anonymous, The Body heals with Play, the Mind heals with Laughter and the Spirit heals with Joy.-Proverb, where each session is customized just for you, email to schedule - As a board, we agreed that the commitment should be for 2 years and while we know this is a commitment to sign up for, we have seen that it takes about a year to get into a groove with each other, and then another year to really build and create! Image of two palm-face up hands in an offering position, holding a yellow flower between them. I will typically request a photo of you or your loved one to reference during the session. This kind of trust holds firm that what needs to happen will, for the right reason, and at the right time. It is not working! Trust or suspicion? Scharmer states, the leader of today is leading from an emerging future. m postponing the Conscious Menstruation and Cyclical Living Masterclass and program until I can find stable WiFi on the islands. An end goal does not actually exist. Integrative Embodiment Coaching with Nikki Ananda March 3 at 9:01 AM I want to ensure I'm giving something back to my community since I a . Throughout my life I have always been engaged with self transformation, transpersonal psychology, spiritual practices, and sexual reclamation. As more individuals embrace the vision through demonstration of value and the creation of win-win alliances, a feeling of ownership for the evolution permeates the culture. (from The Pebble in the Pond). . I Help Others With Planting Their Sacred Seeds, As They Connect Deeper With Themselves, Through Balancing & Harmonizing The Mental, Physical, Sexual, & Spiritual Pathways In Their Being. He is a board member of The Focalizing Institute and received the bulk of his initial training over nearly a decade of mentorship from the institute's founder and pioneering . Through the Feminine Mysteries, Spiritual Mentorship, Sacred Sexuality, Holistic Healing, and Integrative Embodiment I am here to support you in grounding into your next level of being while unlocking your creative power. To align with the Feminine Path of Devotion is to walk with knowing that life is not about avoiding the unpleasant and challenging experiences, it is about feeling and trusting that you can hold it all.Shadow and Light: My personal healing journey has been infused with a balance of shadow work and light work. Integrative leaders have an opportunity to impact all of these social and human components. Harnessing Healing and Growth through Embodiment, Movement, and Creativity . The ACSB was founded in 2005 as the professional association for Certified Sexological Bodyworkers. I went along to become the change I wanted to see by first becoming a certified life coach through HealthYogaLife. I have supported countless clients on their journeys of working with plant medicines to integrate their experiences. Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento Lila Nyx ~ Soul-Centric Dominatrix and Sovereignty & Intimacy Coach. Like the Dzogchen rigpa and the Buddhist sunyata, the embodied state has been described as like coming home at last. The practices mix bliss (the complete surrender to the deep energies of the body) with presence (immaculate mindfulness) and lead you on a journey of unfolding that takes you ever, deeper into the very center of your center. Humanitarian and poet, Vaclav Havels poem, It is I Who Must Begin articulates this beautifully: 1Scharmer, C. O. I respect your privacy.No spam. During the consultation, we will discuss your current wellness state, desired healing outcome/goals or concerns to create a relaxing and enjoyable healing experience. The Reconnect Integrative Trauma Treatment Model is at the heart of all of the mental health care we offer. A collective of practitioners offering somatic therapy, embodied coaching, integrative bodywork and massage, as well as worksh It has become apparent that to achieve true transformation in the way our society approaches health and healing, the values inherent in Integrative Healthcare need to be embraced by the entire healthcare system. You connect with how your body is feeling and allow and hold space for whatever wants to show up. Take a look at my ongoing workshops, groups and other offerings. Integrative Leadership is the capacity to awaken collective wisdom to attain the full potential of individuals and systems. I began to focus my studies and trainings to develop and refine somatic awareness. In integrative health we believe the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Transformational Freedom Breathwork Class, Distance Healing Reiki & Crystal Healing Treatment. Crystal therapy and Reiki energy can indeed work very well over distance to transcend time and space!A distance Reiki session allows me to link an object to your energy field by accessing the symbols I received in Reiki Level Two Attunement. A Community Hub for Integrative Embodiment Arts, Therapy and Education. We hold a commitment of moving towards that which serves this field and honor the requirements of change. Integrative Embodiment Coaching with Nikki Ananda March 3 at 9:01 AM I want to ensure I'm giving something back to my community since I a . Somatic Embodiment Coach; Integrative Bodyworker / LMT ; Tantra Yoga Facilitator and Sacred Intimacy Educator/RYT ; Holistic Living Remineralization Consultant ; Sound Healing / Somatic Meditation Guide ; Satori Laurel, Somatic Professional, Austin TX July 2022. The ACSB is . Breathing is completely automatic and can also be brought completely under our control, offering us a wonderful opportunity to balance the body-mind system, self-regulate and enhance performance in all aspects of our lives. Best for Business Support: Health Coach Institute. This might sound counter-intuitive however the ability to, in essence, hover above, around, and weave within the organizational complexity provides observational data that informs strategy. The science of epigenetics now validates much of what we have observed and experienced as integrative health providers and practitioners, and as informed human beings. This energy flows in any living beings. I will also use Crystal therapy energy during the session. A warmth sensation comes out of the hands and stimulates the meridian points, releasing blockages that might be between these points, adjusting and balancing the flow of energy, the body, the mind and at the spiritual level. Integrative health is an embodied health movement and it is emerging at an accelerated pace. It is my honor to work with others who are moving through deep healing and activations while anchoring into new aspects of self leadership. In order to expand and evolve we need to build our capacity to hold the whole spectrum of polarity. I completed a Level 3 Certification of Somatic Embodiment & Regulation Strategies along with having various trainings on somatic healing and the nervous system. I am here to support you in alchemizing the old, non-serving ways of being into fuel for your vibrant and thriving embodiment. In integrative clinical practice we hold that the relationship we have with our patient may be more powerful in the healing process than any one intervention. The embodiment of Integrative Health by the Integrative Leader, from the micro to the macro, is a journey. I am glad we crossed paths.No matter how you got here, you may have ended up on this site by accident or by purpose, following your own curiosity around forms of healing, growth and development that de-center our focus from our heads and brains, and redistribute our attention to the entirety of ourselves, mind-body-emotion. Click to read Big Authentic Energy, by Abigail Ann Feil, a Substack publication. They introduce the biological body to social movements, especially with regard to the embodied experience of people with the disease. It is of human design to have the construct of a leader and follower(s). Leadership: Going before or with to show the way. Explore what may be blocking you from living the life you desire from a somatic approach. It requires leaders who embody integrity, authenticity, courage, compassion, empathy, humility and passion. EMERGING The problem statement is not fully formed; the solution is not fully known. Those of us who have been in the integrative health field know that health is much more than a symptom, disease, illness, or disability. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. I have coached only a few clients, because my journey has just begun! What I saw missing in my community was the ability to claim a life full of wealth that would lead to financial freedom. Image of a group of 8 people hugging and skipping. Please see the recording of the recent community meeting where we shared what we as the board have done in the last year and what might be some of the upcoming projects that you could be a part of. Let me help you on your journey to health and vitality. The best feeling is being able to take my passions and transform them into offerings that can support others on their journeys. Hi, Dear One, and Welcome. Integrating shadows by transforming old thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and energetic blockages. This trust of others requires even a greater trust of self. Even though I have worked with psychedelics since my adolescence, it wasn't until my first ayahuasca ceremonies in my early 20's that I was able to tap into the deep work my soul craved. Integrative Leadership applies holistic principles and integrative practice to lead people and systems to wholeness. This is a deeply sacred conversation coded with so much light and love. Primal leadership: Unleashing the power of emotional intelligence. General Stanley McChrystal in his book, Team of Teams, refers to this as seeing the system and becoming an empathetic crafter of culture.4. Welcome to Integrative Embodiment Coaching My name is Nikki Ananda. I call myself an Integrative Embodiment Coach because my role is to help others fully embody their TRUEST identity, and to help them utilize their own sacred gifts we all have on this planet. I want to ensure I'm giving something back to my community since I a. m postponing the Conscious Menstruation and Cyclical Living Masterclass and program until I can find stable WiFi on the islands. It requires leaders who embody integrity, authenticity, courage, compassion, empathy, humility and passion. INTEGRATIVE SOMATIC PRACTITIONER & EMBODIMENT COACH, EDUCATOR, AND FACILITATOR. I became passionate about learning about wealth and healing money consciousness. Feminine Embodiment Becoming embodied in your natural feminine essence, is an integrative journey, involving the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies to align. Yes I may be new to the Coaching field, but my practices as dedication to health & helping others thrive in their own light has been flourishing ever since I began this journey. My name is Giulia Carotenuto and I am a Dance Movement Therapist and Somatic Coach and Facilitator. I believe now is the time for integrative leadership it is our social imperative. The ACSB was founded in 2005 as the professional association for Certified Sexological Bodyworkers. It also requires these leaders to embody fluidity, foresight, and inclusiveness. BLOOM EMBODIED WELLBEING "There is a wisdom in the body, a wisdom in feeling, that when accessed and allowed to operate in conjunction with our cognitive capacities, leads to a deeper, wiser, more integrated life." The work I bring to my clients with the 4 Quadrants of Health was learned through this certification. The hand positions are not intrusive for the client. To keep the flow open I'm offering a 33% off discount on 3 of my prerecorded programs that are absolute !! This is the embodiment of self-integration. As a coach in integrative healing I delve into deeper constructs of how to navigate our minds, to connect deeper with ourselves through using different tools & modalities, to deconstruct & restructure. Working through blocks, resistance, blindspots, and patterns that are surfacing to be transformed into pure creative energy. These are the physical manifestations of the world around us and the world within us. It also doesnt mean that the Integrative Leader is acquiescent, rather it requires knowing when to lead from the front and when to lead from behind. Priestess Satori Laurel ~ Tantra Coach, Somatic Bodyworker, Embodiment Muse. Embodiment Training is a path of awakening that views the body as the doorway, not the obstacle, to personal growth and spiritual transformation. Image of woman in orange dress in a standing back bend. Through combining the orientation of Western somatic therapy with Eastern meditational practices, Embodiment Training leads you to the discovery of your natural, embodied state. And this longer-format training is designed (and has proven itself, over the past years) to give experienced 1-1 facilitators the training, ongoing structure, and continual support & feedback necessary to accomplish exactly this. 393 likes. Tracey has 3 jobs listed on their profile. My name is Giulia Carotenuto and I am a Dance Movement Therapist and Somatic Coach and Facilitator. Together you will create goals and strategize how to reach them, create physical baseline systems that foster health, help you regain the wisdom inside your body, and integrate all of these practices into . This personal life coach will support you in your quest to live more consciously in the body. Each academic year in alignment with LACOE's School Readiness GIM, four consortium partners are supported through IIC. Best Affordable Option: American Council on Exercise. This six-month course offers a certificate in embodiment coaching. The first phase was when I started to have a series of spiritual awakenings come in from 17-24 years old. Embodiment Coach's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. I have great enthusiasm for supporting those who wish to bridge the subconscious and conscious, moving between individuality and Oneness. Life brings us traumas that build up in our body through the years. Upcoming: Theory U: Learning from the future as it emerges. In Daniel Golemans book, Primal Leadership: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence, he reveals the actions of the leader account for up to 70 percent of employees perception of the climate of their organization.3 Emotional intelligence is a key element of self awareness and the ability to self regulate. The Integrative Leader trusts, lets go, and allows what wants to emerge. (2013). DYNAMIC A delayed response in time and space; global warming/US health system, SOCIAL Number of key stakeholders (political, environmental, pharmaceutical, consumer etc.). Neuro Integrative Embodiment is a process of reconnecting with our inborn intelligence - the mystery we all are and of which we can become aware. We discuss Jesus and Mother Mary and Magdalene in a way that calls upon the deepest remembrance. I'm Lisa McCrohan, MA, LCSW-C, SEP, Integrative Psychotherapist and Coach + Spiritual Author and Poet. Working with an embodiment coach provides you with a multitude of advantages . I worked with many practioners and went on to train in various lineages. Society is a decentralized community of integrative coaches + therapists and professionals with Big Authentic Energy, supporting our collective business development in the areas of marketing, branding, sales, workflows and authentic embodiment. Tantric Bodywork, Surrogate Partner Therapy, Dating and Intimacy Coaching | Joya Shala What you feel, you attract. Organizational systems are complex, in some ways mirroring the complexity of the human organism. Ms. Knutson is founder and president of Integrative Healthcare Solutions LLC, a consulting firm that partners with individuals and organizations to develop and advance sustainable integrative health initiatives, and core faculty for the Leadership Program in Integrative Healthcare at Duke. Dynamic Embodiment. Integrative health is an embodied health movement and it is emerging at an accelerated pace. We are existing in powerful times where we are being asked to own our power and show up to offer our unique codes and gifts to the world.I have a deep passion for supporting women in reclaiming personal power and embodying opulent radiance. Learning and mastering deeply integrative ways of facilitating change that engages the whole body-mind is a process. Leaders, and their coaches, need integrative tools and approaches to help us become what the world is asking us to be. In turn, these teams develop their own relationships with others, and as they create effective group dynamics whenever and wherever they interact, they expand the depth of the evolution throughout the organization. 4McChrystal, S. (2015). Sausalito, California Leela - Tantra, Sensual Massage & Sex Coaching. It also requires these leaders to embody fluidity, foresight, and inclusiveness. She teaches and guides through the lineage and teachings of Mary Magdalene and we go into what that means and entails. Lori Knutson, RN, BSN, HNB-BC, is both a clinician and healthcare administrator with over 25 years of dedication to the advancement of integrative healthcare. Embodied health movements: new approaches to social movements in health. The results can vary depending on the client health condition and some might need more sessions or less compared with the recommended number of sessions.

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